The Learning Environment

At APSS, we are aware of how important it is to create the right learning environment to get the best outcomes. Teachers, teaching methods, facilities must all combine to stir a child’s interest and make them want to excel at their tasks. APSS is continuously focused on providing such an environment – from the core curriculum and beyond.

What differentiates APSS is our approach in preparing our students to meet challenges. One key factor is our low student to teacher ratio. That means more attention given to every student in the classroom. We understand that each student is unique, and our teachers pay attention to such individual needs.

Another approach is to encourage learning through discovery because the best learning often takes place through problem solving.

By providing a conducive environment for learning, our students not only gain knowledge but also discover new interests and begin to unlock the potential that they possess.

To further help them do so, we encourage them to make full use of our ICT labs and other amenities to foster their creativity and talents.