Admission Procedures

Step 1: Application

Submit the completed Application form, application fee and all required documents to the Admissions Office. Please refer to the Application Checklist for the required documents/forms.

Application Fee:

  • APIS  = RM500
  • APSS = RM500

Step 2: Placement Test (PT)/ Basic Entrance Test (BET)

All applicants are required to sit for the School PT/BET; parents will be notified on the dates of test. Please note that the test papers are properties of the School and are confidential. Parents are not to view the materials before or after the test. The test is done to determine the level of the student and if the child has special learning needs.

  • The subjects are:


a) Primary       –  English / Mathematics / Reading (if required)

b) Secondary    –  English / Mathematics / Science


a) Primary       –  Bahasa Malaysia / English / Mathematics

b) Secondary    –  English / Mathematics / Science

  • PT/BET results will be released after 5 working days
  • If the student is accepted, the School will notify via email and advise on next steps (LO – see below).
  • Admission Interview (if required)
    The respective principals will interview the applicants if there is a need.

Step 3: Letter of Offer (LO)

  • Once the School accepts the student, the School will email the parents informing that the LO can be collected after 3 working days.
  • The acceptance of the offer must be made on or before the specified date as stated in the LO (14 days).
  • All fees must be paid within the specified timelines – this is essential to confirm the place of the students.

Step 4: Fee Payment

  • Invoice will be sent to parents via post 7 working days upon School’s issuance of LO.
  • Kindly proceed to Finance Office for fee payments.
  • Upon payment of School fees: Car stickers and School tag (provided photos are given in advance) will be provided from the Finance Office.

Step 5: The School Portal ID

The log-in ID and password for School Portal will only be issued to parents via email once the School fees have been paid