About Us

APSS will provide a stimulating environment that allows our students to enjoy the learning experience and excel in their studies. The facilities available at APSS will strongly complement students’ potential where talents are unlocked and accelerated in academia, in the liberal arts, in the sciences, technology and sports. This great balance between academic and other aspects of education would ultimately provide the student with a comprehensive and holistic nurturing process.

The school’s warm and friendly environment will also benefit your child. This promotes camaraderie between students and makes everyone feel like they’re part of one big family. What’s more, our dedicated teachers further contribute to this environment by motivating and encouraging students in interesting ways, to make the entire learning process fun.

We truly believe all these ingredients combined will help unlock your child’s true potential. In doing so, it will also shape them into well-rounded members of society, equipped with the relevant knowledge, competencies, skills and attitude to live successfully in a global community.

Asia Pacific Smart School (APSS) – Nurturing Global Minds