On 17 January 2019, our school team has participated in MSSD Cross Country 2019 at Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam. They managed to finish the run but did not won any top 20 places except for Ethan Ravin from S1 Mars who manage to get 15th place. Nevertheless, they did their very best in finishing the track on time. They even managed to place as number 27 among the 35 schools.

Below are the participants:-

Under 18 Boys & Girls 
1. Shawn Alexander Ray
2. Wong Wei Ming
3. Lew Jing Wen
4. Avinaash Mani Maaran
5. Ng Yue Qian
6. Lutfi Hakeem Bin Mohd Amin
7. Boo Yee Zhi
8. Nur Insyirah Reyes
9. Tan Xiao Wei
10. Mak Feng Ying
11. Tan Xin Lin
12. Sabirah Rasyiqah

Under 15 Boys & Girls
1. Cavan Chin Kang Wen
2. Razin Ikmal
3. Adam Kamal Eehan bin Kamal Aznizam
4. Amirul Zikry bin Mohamed Khamir
5. Norman Hadif
6. Ethan Ravin De Rozario
7. Sophia Sarah Izwan